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VIVASTAR® Med Dietary Fibre Drink Vanilla

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  • Medicinal product with a combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres
  • For the improvement of the postprandial blood sugar level (blood sugar level after meals) within the scope of diabetes treatment
  • Prevention or alleviation of constipation
  • Lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan

VIVASTAR® Med Dietary Fibre Drink Vanilla

Medicinal product with a special recipe made from soluble and insoluble dietary fibres.

VIVASTAR® Med Dietary Fibre Drink is used to

  • Improve the postprandial blood sugar level (blood sugar level after nutrient intake) within the scope of diabetes treatment
  • Prevention or alleviation of constipation 

Dietary fibres play a key role in the nutrition of diabetics. They are not only important for digestion, but also have a positive effect on the blood sugar level. Through the intake of dietary fibres, the blood sugar level increases more slowly, which is why less insulin is required for regulation. VIVASTAR® Med Dietary Fibre Drink, with its composition of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres made from oat fibres, indigestible dextrin and ground psyllium husks can play an important role towards a healthy digestion with only 1 glass per day, helping to prevent constipation and to regulate the stool. 

The Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft (German Diabetes Society) recommends to diabetics the daily intake of 40 g dietary fibres. 2 glasses of VIVASTAR® Med Dietary Fibre Drink improve the blood sugar level after meals within the scope of a diabetes treatment.

Lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan.

VIVASTAR® Med Dietary Fibre Drink Vanilla

This dietary fibre drink consists of a combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres which are obtained from grains and psyllium husks. One daily portion (approx. 20 g powder) accords with 10 g dietary fibres, and covers 1/3 of the daily requirement for dietary fibres.

VIVASTAR® is a herbal swelling agent and is used for:

  • For improvement of the postprandial blood sugar level* within the scope of treatment for diabetes
  • For prevention or alleviation from constipation

Ingredients: Dietary Fibres (50 %) (Oat Fibres, Resistant Dextrin, Pysllium Husks), Isomaltulose*, Thickening Agent (Guar Gum), Vanilla Flavouring, natural colourant (beta carotene), Sweetener (Sucralose, Steviol Glycosides).

*Isomaltulose is a source of glucose and fructose


Nutrition declaration per 100 g powder:

Nutrition declaration per portion (20 g powder):

Calorific content

1,109 kJ /

267 kcal

222 kJ /

53 kcal


of which saturated fatty acids

0.1 g

0.1 g

0.02 g

0.02 g


of which sugars

40.0 g 

37.0 g

8.0 g 

7.4 g

Dietary fibres

52.3 g

10.5 g


0.4 g

0.8 g


0.1 g

0.03 g


*For standard deliveries within Germany

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