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Redukta-PLUS 3-Piece Treatment Pack
Chocolate, Strawberry, Mixed Vegetables + 1x Apple-fibre Chewable Tablets

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  • 1 dose Redukta-PLUS Mixed Vegetables (540 g)
  • 1 dose Redukta-PLUS Chocolate (600 g)
  • 1 dose Redukta-PLUS Strawberry (600 g)
  • 1x apple fibre chew tablet

Redukta-PLUS 3-Piece Treatment Pack
Chocolate, Strawberry, Mixed Vegetables + 1x Apple-fibre Chewable Tablets

Consisting of:

1 box of Redukta-PLUS Mixed Vegetables
1 box of Redukta-PLUS Chocolate
1 box of Redukta-PLUS Strawberry
+ 1x Apple-fibre Chewable Tablets

Containing important vitamins, mineral nutrients and trace elements that your body needs while dieting.

Redukta PLUS - with intelligence to a successful weight loss
Extensive research preceded the development of our Redukta series.
The result: fat pads are reduced in a healthy way.
The problem of many slimming diets: During the diet the body is no longer provided with valuable nutrients that the body cannot produce itself. The organism draws these substances from its own depots. That's why it happens now and again that a rapid weight loss takes place, but mainly due to fluid loss and the reduction of valuable muscle mass, while the fat mass remains largely unaffected. The result: The diet has hardly ended and you gain weight fast again - the infamous jojo-effect.
The goal of Redukta is a sustainable weight loss that is largely based on the reduction of adipose tissue.
Furthermore, through Redukta are added necessary building blocks to the organism, which he uses to build up and to strengthen the supporting apparatus (eg connective tissue, skin, muscles).
Redukta, an intelligent slim-diet with vital building blocks vitamins, mineral nutrient and trace elements, according to the latest stand of Nutritional Science.
For the preservation of vitality and productivity, the body gets with each portion of Redukta its necessary nutritive substances, but so few calories as well as Joule that fat-tissue is reduced.
For long-term application we recommend to seek a doctor's advice, because your doctor knows your physical condition and what you can impose on yourself while dieting.

Redukta-PLUS 3-Piece Treatment Pack
Chocolate, Strawberry, Mixed Vegetables + 1x Apple-fibre Chewable Tablets

Redukta-PLUS Chocolate, Strawberry and Mixed Vegetables

A list containing the ingredients as well as the average nutritional value is available for download.

Apple-fibre Chewable Tablets

Ingredients: Apple Fibre 55%, sweetener Sorbitol, Oat Fibre 7%, 2% Microcrystalline Cellulose, Flavoring, acidulant Citric Acid, sweetener Steviol Glycoside. 

Average nutritional values

per tablet (3 g)

per 100 g

colorific content

29.7 kJ/7.2 kcal

990 kJ/240 kcal


0 g

0 g


1.4 g

46.7 g

- of which is sugar

0.2 g

6.7 g

dietary fibres

1.2 g

40.0 g


0.1 g

3.3 g


1.3 mg

43 mg

Recommended dosage:
Take daily 3-6 Apple-fibre Chewable Tablets. With the consumption of apple fibre, oat fibre and cellulose extra fluid is required. Therefore, drink half a liter more per day.

With sweetener sorbitol. Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.


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