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Mannose-Cranberry Drinking Powder

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138 g

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  • contains mannose and cranberry concentrate
  • with vitamine C, biotin und vitamine B2
  • Contents: 30 sachets with 4.6 g each

Mannose-Cranberry Drinking Powder

Nutritional supplement with mannose, biotin, vitamin C and B2

Mannose (D-mannose) is a simple sugar that is closely related to other monosaccharides such as glucose or fructose. Small quantities of mannose are found in nature in many plants, trees and fruits, such as in peaches, apples and apricots, as well as some berries, such as cranberries. The human organism also produces some D-mannose. It acts as an integral part of the membranes and lines the entire inner wall of the urinary tract.

Cranberries are bright red relatives of the lingonberry. Alongside their intensive, acidic-bitter taste, the secondary plant compounds contained in them, such as proanthocyanidins (PAC), are particularly appreciated.

We have supplemented them with vitamin C, which contributes towards a normal immune system function and protection of the cells against oxidative stress, and biotin and vitamin B2, which support the maintenance of healthy mucous membranes. These functions are also important for the bladder.

Mannose-Cranberry Drinking Powder

Ingredients: Mannose (87 %), cranberry concentrate (5.4 %), acidifier citric acid, elderberry juice powder, natural aroma, vitamin C, separating agent silicon dioxide, filler maltodextrin, magnesium hydroxide; vitamin B2, biotin.

Recommended use: During the initial phase, mix 8 portion sachets per day with approximately 150 ml cold water each, stir briefly and drink. Depending on requirements, this dosage should be taken for at least one day. After that, we recommend that you enjoy one sachet per day.


Can have a laxative effect when used excessively!


per sachet

per daily dose
(= 8 sachets)

% of RDA recommended daily dose*

per 100 g


4000 mg

32000 mg


87.0 g

Cranberry concentrate

250 mg

2000 mg


5.4 g

of which



3 mg


24 mg




0.07 g

Vitamin C

40 mg

320 mg


87 mg

Vitamin B2

0.7 mg

5.6 mg


20 mg


25 µg

200 µg


0.54 mg

*NRV = Nutrient Reference Value for daily consumption according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011

** no reference value available yet


*For standard deliveries within Germany

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