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Legs and veins

Both feet healthily on the ground

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dermatest - sehr gut!
Horse Chestnut Vine Leaf Cream
4.6 4.6 / 5

Horse Chestnut Vine Leaf Cream

Feel the power of the horse chestnut and the extract of red vine leaf and the well-being for your arms and legs.

Art. No.: 1297

7,50 €
(for every 100 ml = 5,00 €)
from 3 items
6,80 €(for every 100 ml = 4,53 €)

4.6 4.6 / 5
Aktiv3 Sports Balm
4.6 4.6 / 5

Aktiv3 Sports Balm

Especially good for massaging the skin, muscles and joints after sports or physical exercise.

Art. No.: 2529

150 ml
12,00 €
(for every 100 ml = 8,00 €)

4.7 4.7 / 5
Herbal Footbath
4.7 4.7 / 5

Herbal Footbath

Contains rosemary oil, horse chestnut and hay flower extract, pine oil as well as oils out of 24 different herbs.

Art. No.: 1234

500 ml
5,50 €
(for every 1 liter = 11,00 €)

Interesting facts

Our legs do amazing things: day in, day out, they carry us through life. The leg veins play an important role in this task: they transport the blood back to the heart, and must therefore work against gravity. In this, they are supported by the venous values which act like valves and thus prevent the blood from sinking down into the legs. As long as the venous walls maintain their resilience and the venous valves remain elastic, we feel comfortable on our legs.

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