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Lactase Capsules 14,000 FCC-units/capsule

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  • Each capsule contains 14,000 FCC lactase units
  • Nutritional supplement in the case of lactose intolerance

Lactase Capsules 14,000 FCC-units/capsule

Nutritional supplement in the case of lactose intolerance.

Each capsule contains 14.000 FCC lactase units (FCC: Food Chemical Codex). 

Lactose intolerance?
Today, about 20% of the population suffer from a lactose-incompatibility or from a lack of lactase, without knowing it. The consequences are flatulence, unpleasant feeling of fullness or diarrhoea. The enzyme lactase splits the lactose, which is contained in all milk products, in its components glucose and galactose, which can be easily used by the body. Lactase improves the lactose digestion of people suffering from difficulties in digesting lactose.

With Lactase Capsules of Sanct Bernhard, you can finally enjoy milk, cream, ice cream, yoghurt and cheese without any complaints. The capsules can be swallowed or simply opened, and the capsule contents stirred into food or drinks.

Lactase Capsules 14,000 FCC-units/capsule

Filler Magnesium Carbonate, Gelatin, filler Maltodextrin, Lactase (15 %), anti-caking agent Magnesium Stearate

Each capsule contains 14.000 FCC-units lactase (FCC: Food Chemical Codex).


per capsule

per daily dose
(= 3 capsules)


14.000 FCC*

42.000 FCC*

*FCC units according to the Food Chemical Codex

Recommended use: Take 1-3 capsules daily with sufficient liquid immediately before or during the consumption of lactose-containing products. The demand of the supplied lactase is individually different and must be adjusted. It depends on the type and amount of lactose-containing foods and beverages as well as the body's production of lactase. Due to these differences you should obtain further information regarding the function of lactase in your diet.

The capsules are suitable for swallowing and for to stirring up into food or drink, which have a temperature of up to 50 ° C.


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