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Coregan plus Cardiovascular Capsules N


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  • Capsules for the cardiovascular system with hawthorn, vitamin E and magnesium
  • Stimulates improved circulation of the coronary arteries
  • Improves oxygen supply to the heart
  • Improves muscle function
  • Traditionally used for the support of the cardiovascular function
  • BBD 30.09.2019

Coregan plus Cardiovascular Capsules N

Get help from nature! With hawthorn, vitamin E and magnesium with the well-tried Coregan plus Cardiovascular Capsules N.

Hawthorn - the super strength for your heart. Today, cardiovascular problems make life difficult for millions of people. Only when the circulation is stable, we feel well and healthy. An appreciated aid of nature is hawthorn.

The well-tried medicinal plant stimulates a better circulation of the coronary vessels and thereby it improves also the administration of oxygen to the heart, activates the performance of the cardiac muscle and stimulates the circulation. In order to strengthen the positive effect, we still added two important strengths to our coregan plus Cardiovascular capsules, magnesium and vitamin E.

Magnesium improves the muscle function, reduces the tendency to muscle cramps and cramps in the calves and increases the performance of the cardiac muscle. It also influences the forming of many important enzymes. In addition, magnesium is a well-tried active substance with stress and hectic pace. It calms, has an antispasmodic effect and belongs to the vital nutrients, which we need for the maintenance of our health.

Vitamin E protects the cells and the vascular walls and fights free radicals. For the maintenance of a healthy heart, vitamin E is of great importance.

Hawthorn, magnesium and vitamin E are important for your heart and your circulation, also in the long-term application for several months.


Coregan plus Cardiovascular Capsules N


Fields of application: Traditionally used for the support of the cardiovascular function. This information is exclusively based on tradition and on a long standing experience. For more information about any other possible risks associated with this medicine, please read the information provided with the medicine or consult your doctor or pharmacist*

For risks and side effects please read the information leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

1 Coregan plus Cardiovascular Capsule N contains:

Active ingredients:

10 mg         all-rac-alpha-Tocopherol acetate (Ph. Eur.)

130 mg       magnesium orotate dihydrate, corresponds with 8.5 mg elementary magnesium

25 mg         dry extract of white hawthorn fruit (4-7:1), extraction agent: Methanol 70 % (V/V)

30 mg         dry extract of white hawthorn leaves with petals (4-7:1), extraction agent: Methanol 70 % (V/V)

Other ingredients: Gelatine, Refined rape seed oil, Sorbitol solution 70 % (non-crystallising) (Ph. Eur.), Glycerol, Maltodextrin, Soy proteins, Spray dried glucose syrup, Yellow wax, Highly dispersed silicon dioxide, Titanium dioxide (E 171), Iron oxide and hydroxide (E 172).

The recommended dose is: Adults take 1 soft capsule 3 times daily.

Use by children and youngsters under 18 is not foreseen.

Insufficient data is available for concrete dosage recommendations for limited bladder kidney function and/or limited liver function.


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